The commission of a portrait is just the beginning of our services. We offer supplemental services that will enhance your experience and the overall value of your original art investment.

Framing: After reviewing the installation site, we’ll make recommendations for framing.  With a traditional portrait, a handmade frame is most fitting. Our craftsmen continue tradition of hand-carved and metallic-leafed frames favored by artists and museums.  Sometimes a more contemporary line or Baroque curve is more appropriate. Our partners include talented framers with a diverse selection of profiles. We can also arrange for an identifying plaque.

Delivery and Installation: No location—local, national or international—is out of the realm of our fine art shipping capabilities. No installation project is too difficult for our installers.

Portrait Dedications and Celebrations: After completion, the painting is framed appropriately and readied for its public debut. If the portrait was commissioned by a public institution, the subject of the portrait is admired and applauded by peers, friends and family, culminating with the unveiling of the painting. For the family portrait, a celebration is in order as well. With many years of experience, we are happy to supply guidance for these events.

Willow Glen, San Jose, California, USA


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