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Dean Larson had established himself as one of Washington, DC’s foremost portraitists, before moving to San Francisco. His studies in fine arts at Towson State University and the Schuler School of Fine Arts trained him as a realist, a style that is most appropriate for a portrait painter.

Larson exhibits frequently in galleries in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. Usually, he is showcasing his other body of work, which includes land/cityscapes and interiors from his many global excursions.

Larson’s loose, painterly approach is popular with both corporate portraits and private collectors. In some portraits, the background is left uncomplicated to draw attention to the subject.  An environment is added, in others, to give the viewer more information about the subject. In either case, there is a beautiful light that illuminates the subject.

The artist prefers a minimum of two sittingsfor two hours eachhowever, he will paint a portrait from photographs.  Larson also likes to paint children's portraits.  The average portrait is finished in three months.  He is pleased to travel to the subject.


American College of Physicians, Philadelphia, PA
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Prime Minister of Italy
Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD
Senator Mark O. Hatfield

Senator Ted Stevens, US Congress

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia
University of Pennsylvania School of Law, Philadelphia


Numerous private commissions

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